779.01 Contractors license required.

All persons, partnerships, corporations or other entities who are required to obtain a contractor's license and have failed to do so shall be fined the sum of one hundred seventy-five dollars ($175.00) together with a thirty day suspension of their right to perform construction or contracting work in the City for a first offense; in the event of a second offense occurring within five years of the first offense, a fine of three hundred twenty-five dollars ($325.00) shall be imposed plus a ninety day suspension of contractor's license; in the event of a third offense within five years of a first and second offense, the fine shall be five hundred dollars ($500.00) plus a 180 day suspension of a contractor's license; in the event four offenses have occurred within a five year period, such offending parties shall receive a fine of five hundred dollars ($500.00) and shall have a 365 day suspension of their contractor's license.
(Ord. 92-002. Passed 1-16-92.)

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