Trailers and Trailer Camps

EDITOR'S NOTE: Provisions relating to licensing of trailer camps by the City have been omitted from this recodification of Chapter 775 because of the decision in Noland versus Sharonville, 4 App (2d) 7, 211 NE (2d) 90 (1964), wherein it was held that inasmuch as the State has pre-empted the field, a municipality cannot impose an occupation or excise tax for the licensing of individual house trailer and trailer camps.

775.01 Definitions.
775.02 Safety and sanitary conditions.
775.03 Compliance with other law.
775.04 Records.
775.05 Parking limitations.
775.06 Trailers to be parked in designated areas.
775.07 Daily inspection.
775.08 Right of entry.
775.09 House trailers.
775.99 Penalty.


Trailer parks - see Ohio R.C. 3733.01 et seq.
Parking regulations - see TRAF. Ch. 351
Sanitation provisions - see GEN. OFF. Ch. 517
Garbage and rubbish regulations - see S. & P.S. 955.03 et seq.
Zoning regulations - see P. & Z. Ch. 1149

As used in this chapter:

(a) "Trailer" means a trailer, house care, camp car or vehicle or structure mounted on wheels or capable of being propelled from place to place either by its own power or power supplied by some vehicle attached thereto, or to be attached thereto, and being used for living or sleeping quarters.

(b) "Trailer camp" means any lot or parcel of ground within the City where accommodation is provided for one or more automobile trailers or house cars used as living or sleeping quarters.
(Ord. 2398. Passed 10-19-57.)

(c) "House trailer" has the meaning set forth in Ohio R.C. 4501.01.
(Ord. 2401. Passed 12-5-57.)

No person conducting a trailer camp shall fail to maintain the same in a safe and sanitary condition at all times, subject to the following regulations:

(a) The trailer camp site shall be of adequate area and each unit reserved for the accommodation of any automobile trailer or house car shall be not less than twenty-five feet by thirty-five feet and shall be clearly defined by proper markers at each corner. The site shall be level, free from rocks and weeds and well drained. No trailer or house car shall be located on any unit where there is less than ten feet between each trailer or house car and another building, trailer, house car or structure, or within ten feet from the property line separating the park or camp from adjoining properties.

(b) Each trailer camp shall be supplied with pure and wholesome running water.

(c) All drain water from drives and roofs shall be properly tiled to a storm or sanitary sewer, and drain water shall not be permitted to collect upon the premises nor to drain into adjoining property.

(d) A covered metal garbage pail and a covered metal rubbish container shall be provided for each four or less units and shall be of such capacity as to properly take care of all garbage and rubbish emanating from the units intended to be serviced. All garbage shall be wrapped in paper before same is placed in a metal container.

(e) No garbage, refuse, sewage or waste shall be dumped upon the premises or any adjoining property.

(f) Each site for which a trailer camp license is obtained shall be provided with toilets, urinals, wash basins, showers or baths, water faucets, etc., in accordance with the following specifications:

(1) The trailer camp shall be provided with adequate and proper toilet facilities, comprised of water-flushed plumbing equipment connected to a sanitary sewer and separate toilet facilities for each sex. The use of chemical toilets or privies is prohibited and each trailer camp shall provide not less than one water-flushed toilet for each sex for every ten units or fraction thereof;

(2) Each toilet room provided for men shall have, in addition, one urinal stall;

(3) Each toilet room shall be provided with one wash basin with running water for each three toilets;

(4) One shower or bathtub shall be provided for each sex for each ten units or fraction thereof;

(5) All toilets, sinks, showers, urinals, etc., shall be placed in properly constructed buildings located not more than 150 feet from each trailer unit which they are to serve;

(6) The toilet buildings shall be well lighted at all times, day or night, well ventilated with screened openings and constructed of such moisture-proof material as shall permit rapid and satisfactory cleaning, scouring and washing;

(7) The floors shall be of concrete or similar material, elevated not less than four inches above grade, and shall slope to the floor drain located in each room;

(8) One slop sink or basin with water supply shall be provided to serve each four trailer units and shall be constructed in accordance with a design, size and material approved by the Director of Public Safety; and

(9) Where toilet and bathing facilities are provided for both sexes in the same building, a tight, soundproof wall shall be constructed between the male and female sections.

(g) Waste cans for emergency toilet use shall be provided in any and all trailers.

(h) All trailers using gas, kerosene, gasoline or fuel oil for heating or cooking purposes shall have their stoves properly vented together with flues of adequate size and construction and, with the exception of a supply container approved by the Fire Chief for each trailer, no gasoline, kerosene or fuel oil shall be stored on the premises.

(i) All trailers shall be maintained in a portable condition (on wheels) at all times. No person shall move or cause to be moved the wheels or tires from any trailer within the City, except for the purpose of repairing or replacing, which repairing or replacing shall be done immediately. No person shall, in any manner, elevate, block or stabilize any trailer. No person shall permit the occupancy of a trailer by a greater number of persons than that for which the trailer was designed to accommodate.

(j) Each trailer camp shall be under the direct management of the owner or licensee or his agent or representative. Such person or persons must be of good reputation and character and shall operate such camp from an office located on the grounds, in which office registration records shall be maintained and the license for that particular camp shall be displayed. It shall be the duty of the manager of each trailer camp to:

(1) Prohibit the placing or storing of unsightly materials or vehicles of any kind on the premises;

(2) Provide for the regular cleaning, painting, repairing and disinfecting of all buildings;

(3) Take such other measures as may be deemed necessary by the officials charged with the enforcement of this chapter to preserve the health, comfort and safety of all persons residing in the camp and of the general public;

(4) Cause each dog, cat or other pet animal to be kept under control either by being tied up or confined in a proper enclosure;

(5) Report to City officials all cases of communicable diseases or suspected cases of communicable diseases affecting any inmate of the camp;

(6) Prevent the existence of any nuisance on the camp premises and report immediately to the proper authorities all acts of a disorderly character committed by any person or persons inside the camp; and

(7) Prohibit animal washing, car washing or other slop creating practices unless in a building especially designed for such purpose.

(k) There shall be provided by the management of the trailer camp a suitable number of portable fire extinguishers in a central location within the trailer camp. Such fire extinguishers shall be subject to the approval of the Fire Chief.

(l) All entrances and exits from the trailer camp shall be well marked and so arranged that they will not constitute a traffic hazard. All driveways within the trailer camp shall be hard-surfaced, well marked in the daytime and lighted at night and so located that each unit of the camp is easily accessible.
(Ord. 2398. Passed 10-19-57.)

No licenses shall be granted for the construction or operation of a trailer camp in violation of any ordinances of the City.
(Ord. 2398. Passed 10-19-57.)

775.04 RECORDS.
The manager or caretaker of a duly licensed trailer camp shall provide a duplicate of the names and addresses of the occupants of each trailer admitted to the trailer camp site and the automobile license and trailer license numbers. The manager or caretaker of the trailer camp shall turn over each day to the Chief of Police a duplicate copy of all registrations and entries for the previous day.
(Ord. 2398. Passed 10-19-57.)

The parking of occupied trailers in a trailer camp for a period of more than sixty days is prohibited, and no trailer camp licensee shall permit a trailer or the occupants thereof to remain in the trailer camp for a period longer than sixty days; nor shall a trailer camp licensee permit a trailer or the occupants thereof to re-enter a trailer camp for ninety days after the expiration of a former occupancy; and no occupant of a trailer shall enter or park a trailer in any trailer camp for ninety days after the expiration date of a former occupancy in any other trailer camp within the City.
(Ord. 2398. Passed 10-19-57.)

No person shall park any trailer overnight on any street, alley, highway or other public place within the City. No trailer shall be parked, used or occupied on any lot, field or tract of land within the City, except as is provided in this chapter and other ordinances. No trailer shall at any time be parked between the established setback line and curb line on any lot. No trailer shall be parked in any space on any lot unless there is a clear unoccupied space of at least ten feet on all sides of such trailer.
(Ord. 2398. Passed 10-19-57.)

It shall be the duty of the Chief of Police to conduct a daily inspection of each trailer camp site and obtain from the manager thereof a duplicate copy of the previous day's registrations and to ascertain whether the occupants of any unit overstay the sixty day period designated in Section 775.05.
(Ord. 2398. Passed 10-19-57.)

The Mayor, Director of Public Safety, Fire Chief and all law enforcement officers of the City shall have access to each trailer camp at all reasonable times to inspect the same and to ascertain whether this chapter is being complied with, and whenever any person conducting a trailer camp is not maintaining the same in a safe or sanitary condition, or contrary to the requirements and regulations set forth in the Building, Zoning and Fire Prevention Codes or contrary to the requirements and regulations set forth in this chapter, it shall be the duty of the Mayor to revoke the trailer camp license.
(Ord. 2398. Passed 10-19-57.)


(a) No person shall locate or permit to be located, a house trailer for the purpose of habitation, upon any site, lot, field or tract of land within the City, except in a house trailer park which has been duly licensed by the State under Ohio R.C. 3733.01 through 3733.99. This section does not apply to a trailer located in an M Manufacturing District, which is occupied by a night watchman and/or his family.
(Ord. 666. Passed 4-5-73.)

(b) No person who heretofore has located or permitted to be located, a house trailer used for habitation on any site, lot, field or tract of land in the City, other than in a duly licensed house trailer park, shall relocate such house trailer once moved from its present site anywhere within the City, except in a duly licensed house trailer park, or permit the relocation of a house trailer on the vacated site.

(c) For the purpose of this section, the prohibition against locating house trailers for habitation in the City upon any site other than in a duly licensed house trailer park, shall apply equally to the owner, lessee or other person owning or controlling the land occupied by any house trailer located in violation of this section, as well as to the owner, lessee or other person owning or controlling such house trailer.
(Ord. 2401. Passed 12-5-57.)

775.99 PENALTY.
Whoever violates any of the provisions of this chapter shall be fined not less than twenty-five dollars ($25.00) nor more than fifty dollars ($50.00) for each offense. Each day's operation shall constitute a separate offense.

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