701.01 Fraudulent advertising.
701.02 Bench advertising.
701.99 Penalty.


See sectional history for similar State law
Power to regulate - see Ohio R.C. 715.65
Posting bills without consent of owner - see Ohio R.C. 2909.13; GEN. OFF. 537.07
Billboards and outdoor advertising - see P. & Z. Ch. 1153

No person shall directly or indirectly make, publish, disseminate, circulate or place before the public in a newspaper, magazine or other publication, or in the form of a book, notice, handbill, poster, bill, circular, letter, pamphlet, sign, placard, card, label or over any radio or television station or in any other way, an advertisement of any sort regarding merchandise, securities, service, employment, real estate or anything of value offered by him for use, purchase or sale, and which advertisement or announcement contains any assertion, representations or statement which is untrue or fraudulent.
(Ord. 2398. Passed 10-19-57.)


(a) No person shall build, place or install a bench containing advertising thereon without first obtaining a permit from the Mayor.

(b) Applications for the permit shall be made out by the Mayor, shall be signed by the applicant and shall contain the following information and any additional information determined necessary by the Mayor:

(1) The name of the applicant;

(2) A complete description of the bench and the manner in which it is to be placed and maintained;

(3) The place where the bench is to be placed and maintained; and

(4) The type or nature of the advertising to be placed thereon.

(c) The fee for the permit shall be one dollars ($1.00) annually per bench.

(d) The Mayor is hereby directed to issue a permit only after it has been determined that the placement or erection of the bench containing advertising thereon is not harmful to the morals, safety and health of the residents of this Municipality and does not interfere with places of business.

(e) Whenever the Mayor determines that the permittee or anyone in his employ is violating subsection (d) hereof, the Mayor, after written notice to such permittee, shall have the power to suspend the writ and, after due and proper hearing, to revoke any permit issued under the provisions of this section.
(Ord. 82. Passed 12-1-60.)

701.99 PENALTY.

(a) Whoever violates any of the provisions of this chapter for which no penalty is otherwise provided shall be guilty of a minor misdemeanor.

(b) Each day on which a violation occurs or continues shall be a separate offense.

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