City Government Advisory Committee

155.01 Creation.
155.02 Purpose.
155.03 Authority.
155.04 Membership.

155.01 CREATION.

(a) There is hereby created and established a Bellaire City Government Advisory Committee of which the Mayor shall be Chairman.
(Ord. 1140. Passed 6-6-85.)

155.02 PURPOSE.
The purposes of the Bellaire City Government Advisory Committee are:

(a) To assist the community in acquiring an undertstanding of the City Government and aspects of its operation.

(b) To systematically collect both formal and informal data regarding how the community feels about its City Government.

(c) To develop community understanding of the need for adequate financial support to maintain and improve services provided by City Government.

(d) To involve citizens who are sincerely interested in City Government.

(e) To invite the assistance, cooperation and understanding of other local government officials (both elected and appointed) in the development of community programs and facilities.

(f) To promote a genuine spirit of cooperation among City Government and the community through a sharing of the role and responsibility of leadership.
(Ord. 1140. Passed 6-6-85.)


(a) The Mayor is hereby authorized to act as Chairman of the Committee which shall be subject to his call. Any items to be discussed at an Advisory Committee Meeting should be placed on an agenda prior to the actual meeting by the Mayor as requested by the Council and other Committee members, or as may be suggested by the Mayor. This agenda shall be mailed to all Committee members along with a notice of the date, time and place for any scheduled meetings not less than ten days prior to the meeting.

(b) The Mayor shall preside over all meetings of the Advisory Committee and shall direct the discussion of each time listed in the agenda as well as other matters that may be presented at the meeting. The Advisory Committee shall be responsible for researching and developing alternative suggestions, concepts or ideas which may be presented to Council.

(c) The Advisory Committee shall have no power to deal with personnel problems.
(Ord. 1140. Passed 6-6-85.)


(a) Membership to the Advisory Committee will be gained through civic, fraternal and professional community organizations as shall be recommended by that organization. Each such organization shall elect one member of its body to serve as that organization's representative on the Advisory Committee.

(b) Membership shall include in most general instances those individuals who reside within the City of Bellaire. No member shall be elected to serve on the Advisory Committee unless they reside within the Bellaire City School District. Each member elected to the Advisory Committee shall serve for a one year term which may be renewed with the consent of that Committee member's organization which he represents.

(c) Membership on the Advisory Committee shall include a representative from each of the foregoing civic, fraternal and professional community organizations.

(1) The Bellaire Area Chamber of Commerce.

(2) Kiwanis International.

(3) American Legion Post #52.

(4) C.S.A. Lodge.

(5) Child Guidance Club.

(6) Disabled American Veterans #117.

(7) Elk's Lodge #419.

(8) Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie #371.

(9) Lions Club.

(10) N.A.A.C.P.

(11) Pilot Club.

(12) Salvation Army.

(13) Sons of Italy.

(14) V.F.W. Post #626.

(15) Bellaire Ministerial Association.

(16) St. Johns Home & School Association.

(17) Bellaire Education Association.

(18) Bellaire City Schools Board of Education.

(19) Bellaire High School Alumni Association.

(20) St. Johns Central High School Alumni Association.

(21) Any other civic, fraternal and/or professional community organization that may be determined by the Advisory Committee members of the foregoing organization as necessary for a complete cross section of the community.

(d) The Advisory Committee shall establish rules and regulations for its government. In the absence of established, written rules and regulations to the contrary, the parlimentary rules of procedure to be followed shall be those established by Roberts Rules of Order.
(Ord. 1140. Passed 6-6-85.)

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