Community Development Department

153.01 Establishment and purpose.
153.02 Authority.
153.03 Personnel.
153.04 Community Development Director.
153.05 Funding.

There is hereby created and established a Community Development Department. The primary function of this Department shall be to make plans for Federal and State funds, grants and programs; to apply for the same; and to execute and administer those community development programs now in existence and those forthcoming.
(Ord. 927. Passed 7-5-79.)


(a) The Mayor is hereby authorized to sign and execute any and all applications submitted by the Community Development Department on behalf of any other department of the City.

(b) The Auditor is hereby authorized to do all acts required to be done in order to obtain payment of the grant, including but not limited to, the selection of a bank to receive payment vouchers, the submission of signature specimens and the filing of requests completed by the Community Development Director for drawdown of funds.
(Ord. 927. Passed 7-5-79.)


(a) The Community Development Department shall consist of a full-time Community Development Director and a part-time secretary who shall work not to exceed twenty hours per week. The hours of the secretary may be increased as Federal funding for community development programs increases.

(b) Other employees may be hired as required by a specific grant, but only if the cost of such employees is borne by the Community Development Program.

(c) All employees of the Community Development Department shall be appointed by the Mayor.
(Ord. 927. Passed 7-5-79.)


(a) General Statement of Duties. Council believes this position to be an advanced and professional one in directing and coordinating the Community Development Program. The person in this position shall be responsible for providing technical assistance in the formulation of policies and community development programs, as well as staff development, as programs and grant funds require, community development procedures, and programs for the City, and for the execution of Federal and State policies and guidelines pertaining to the Community Development Program of the City.

(b) Examples of Director's Duties. Coordinating the activities relative to planning and executing of programs affecting the City; consulting with the Mayor and other City officials, public agency executives, businessmen, officials of Bel-O-Mar or OMEGA or other similar agencies, State or Federal officials relative to the planning and implementation of communications and programs; developing and submitting community development programs for approval; seeking state and federal moneys and programs for all divisions of the City; developing innovative methods and programs for improving interagency and interdepartment coordination in the City; overseeing collection of funds from loans given by the Rehabilitation grant; overseeing land held by the Community Development Department for sale or being leased; and performing other related work as required.

(c) Chain of Command. The Director shall be under the supervision of the Mayor. The Director shall oversee the Community Development staff as required by the guidelines of programs and grants secured by the Community Development Program of the City, including a secretary. The Director shall execute and direct any programs now in existence or which the City secures in the future as part of its Community Development Program. The Director shall evaluate any of the programs as the need or occasion arises and report to, and perform other planning and community development work as required by, the Mayor. The Director shall work with Council as well.

(d) Minimum Qualifications. The Director shall have a thorough knowledge of local, State and Federal governmental operations of other public or private agencies, as well as a thorough knowledge of urban socioeconomic problems. He shall have the ability to analyze complex administrative problems and to develop appropriate solutions; the ability to prepare and present comprehensive reports and to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; the ability to establish and maintain an effective working and cooperative relationship with employees, other agencies, private and public organizations and the general public.

(e) Education and Training. The Director shall also be a graduate of a four-year college or university. A postgraduate degree in public or business administration, urban sociology, planning or a related field is preferred. Prior experience in urban-oriented programs shall be considered desirable.
(Ord. 927. Passed 7-5-79.)

153.05 FUNDING.

(a) The Community Development Department funds shall consist of those funds provided annually by the Appropriation Ordinance as passed by Council.

(b) Council assumes the responsibility for assuring that all grant funds are used in an economical and efficient manner in carrying out the Community Development Programs.
(Ord. 927. Passed 7-5-79.)

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