Department of Public Service

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Director of Public Service issues rules and regulations for the operation of the Department including the various divisions. Copies of such rules and regulations are available at the Municipal Building.

139.01 Establishment.
139.02 Divisions generally.
139.03 Sanitation Division.


State law provisions - see Ohio R.C. 735.01 et seq.
Permits for mechanical amusement devices - see BUS. REG. 739.09
Weights and measures - see BUS. REG. Ch. 787
Director supervising street openings - see S.U. & P.S. 901.04
Duties regarding sewers - see S.U. & P.S. 921.02 et seq.

There is hereby established a Department of Public Service which shall be administered by a Director of Public Service. The Director shall be appointed by the Mayor and need not be a resident of the City at the time of his appointment, but shall become a resident thereof within six months after his appointment.

The following divisions are established within the Department of Public Service in addition to such miscellaneous employees as specified by Council:

(a) Division of Streets.

(b) Division of Sanitation.

(c) Division of Water and Sewers.
(Ord. 2389. Passed 10-19-57.)


(a) There is hereby created and established within the Department of Public Service a division to be known as the Division of Sanitation, under the management and control of the Director of Public Service. The Director shall appoint all employees in this Division and all employees shall at all times be under the control and management of such Director.
(Ord. 2390. Passed 9-19-57.)

(b) The duties of the Service Director relative to the Sanitation Division shall include:

(1) To investigate all complaints pertaining to Sanitation Division operations and make recommendations concerning disposition thereof;

(2) To make studies of commercial accounts and make recommendations concerning proper classification thereof;

(3) To conduct all times studies required for special accounts and make recommendations based thereon;

(4) To conduct an analysis of the rate structure generally, as related to income and expenses, and make recommendations thereon at least twice annually;

(5) To conduct studies of collection routes assigned and make recommendations concerning proposed revisions thereof;

(6) To investigate all violations arising under Chapter 955 and make recommendations thereon;

(7) To generally study and analyze the Sanitation Division operations and make recommendations designed for more efficient service.

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