Volunteer Emergency Squad

138.01 Established; members.
138.02 Emergency aid to other municipalities.
138.03 List of members.
138.04 Rules and regulations.
138.05 Procedure.


Emergency medical technicians and services - see Ohio R.C. 4731.82


(a) There is hereby established a volunteer emergency squad to be known as the "Bellaire Volunteer Emergency Squad."

(b) The emergency squad shall be a division of the Department of Public Safety. The location of the emergency squad shall be at any location which may be determined by Council.

(c) The membership of the emergency squad shall be composed of not more than forty volunteers; a majority of such volunteers shall be residents of the City.

(d) The members of the emergency squad shall be paid one dollar ($1.00) per year for their services to the City.
(Ord. 798. Passed 4-15-76.)

The emergency squad is hereby authorized to extend its services in time of emergency to other political subdivisions of the State. The Board of Control shall have the power to contract with other political subdivisions of the State to furnish services of the emergency squad.
(Ord. 798. Passed 4-15-76.)


(a) The Captain of the emergency squad shall furnish a verifiable and current list of names and addresses of all members of the emergency squad to the Director of Public Safety and to the City Auditor.

(b) The Captain of the emergency squad shall hereinafter furnish to the Director of Public Safety and to the City Auditor, the names and addresses of all persons who joined the emergency squad after the date of the passage of this section, including the date joining, and shall also furnish the names and addresses of all persons who terminated membership in the emergency squad after the date of the passage of this section, including the date of termination.

(c) The City Auditor shall report such information to the Bureau of Worker's Compensation as provided in the contract for worker's compensation coverage between the City and the Bureau of Worker's Compensation.
(Ord. 798. Passed 4-15-76.)

The following rules and regulations shall apply to the emergency squad:

(a) The Safety Director shall have jurisdiction of the emergency squad;

(b) The officers of the emergency squad shall consist of a captain, three lieutenants and one training officer, who shall be appointed by the Mayor and the Director of Public Safety.
No member shall be eligible for appointment until he has passed an examination to be established by the City as recommended by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians;

(c) The rules of the emergency squad shall be established by the Captain and lieutenants with the approval of the Mayor and the Director of Public Safety;

(d) The Board of Control shall have the authority to suspend any member for just cause;

(e) The equipment of the emergency squad shall be maintained by the City of Bellaire;

(f) No person or persons, not approved by the Board of Control, is to be allowed to ride or answer calls of the emergency squad;

(g) All expenditures must be approved by the Mayor or the Director of Public Safety before purchasing; and

(h) The running squad members will be required to answer alarms, when available or necessary, or action will be taken to remove them from the squad.
(Ord. 798. Passed 4-15-76.)

The following standard operating procedure shall apply:

(a) Everybody will respond only to their own squad calls except when the call is within a three-block radius of his home, not counting the captain and the lieutenants.

(b) When the unit arrives upon the scene, if any members are at the scene give a full report to the person in charge; then leave the scene, excepting any unusual circumstances, under the discretion of the lieutenant and/or the officer in charge.

(c) In all situations the driver of the vehicle will stay with the vehicle until or unless he is needed to help with the care of the patient, however if possible, one person should stay with the unit at all times.

(d) When treating the patient, treat for worst in all cases. Be sure to study symptoms and not rush to load patient; use your training.

(e) In all instances the survival kit and/or the first in box in Unit B and the demand valve resuscitator will be first in unless otherwise directed not to be.

(f) Emergency squad personnel will obey all orders of the lieutenants, captain or the person in charge of the run.

(g) When there is an automobile accident both units will respond.

(h) When a full crew, from the squad that is up, gets to the vehicle, they will roll immediately, however if a full crew does not respond within six minutes, any available squad personnel will be taken. If no other personnel are available, the next squad will be called out.

(i) The Captain shall respond to the scene or unit at his discretion.

(j) The lieutenants when responding to a call shall report to the unit unless the call is in their general neighborhood.

(k) The lieutenant is to use his discretion to see that there are no more than five squadmen in the house at one time.

(l) When responding to a call never turn the vehicle off.

(m) Make sure all doors are closed before leaving the scene.

(n) No smoking in the vehicle.

(o) Notification of a "99" is not to be made to the hospital or the police dispatcher until the patient is loaded into the vehicle, and the condition is determined a definite "99".

(p) When delivering a patient to Bellaire Clinic you are to wait no longer than five minutes to have this patient checked by a physician. If a physician does not show up within this time limit, the patient is to be taken to the appropriate hospital.

(q) Try in all instances to use public service to notify all hospitals of the patient's condition. Release as little information over the radio if it is necessary to use police dispatcher.

(r) Clean and replace any used equipment immediately after each run. Vehicle should be cleaned inside if it becomes grossly soiled.

(s) Moral and ethical conduct of the squad members, while on runs, training sessions, and on the property at which the emergency vehicles are housed, shall also be the responsibility of the lieutenant. He shall take such remedial action as is necessary to correct any and all incidents that tend to discredit the organization or its members. Such action shall be in the form of training, counseling, oral admonishment or referral to the squad Captain, if the situation warrants further action.

(t) Squad officers will conduct themselves in the best interests of the squad at all times. Squadmen have the right to remind the officer of his position if he is causing a disturbance.

(u) The line of authority in the running squad will be as follows: the lieutenants; if it can't be resolved, to the Captain, then to the Safety Director.

(v) The officers will be responsible to the line of authority pertaining to squad rules.

(w) If the lieutenant or captain is not on a run the most senior EMT will be in charge of this run. This possibility should be discussed enroute.

(x) The Captain shall be responsible for all major decisions as pertains to the operation of the running squad.

(y) The lieutenants are responsible for their squads and shall answer to the Captain.
(Ord. 798. Passed 4-15-76.)

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