Code Administrator

129.01 Position created.
129.02 Duties.


Duties - see BLDG. 1301.03
Liability - see BLDG. 1301.04
Right of entry - see BLDG. 1301.05


(a) There is hereby created the position of Code Administrator. The Code Administrator shall be appointed by the Director of Public Safety.
(Ord. 372. Passed 4-25-67.)

(b) Said individual shall be reviewed each six months by a board made up of the Mayor, Safety Director, Auditor and the Finance Chairman.
(Ord. 94-008. Passed 4-21-94.)

129.02 DUTIES.

(a) The Code Administrator shall have the duties of administration and enforcement of the (BOCA) Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Housing and Fire Prevention Codes, and is hereby vested with police power for the proper execution of such duties.

(b) The Code Administrator shall have the additional duties of the Flood Plain Manager and administering all facets necessary to meet federal requirements.

(c) The Code Administrator shall attend and pass all schooling necessary for which the City shall reimburse said costs, upon successful completion of said schooling.
(Ord. 94-008. Passed 4-21-94.)

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