M Manufacturing District

1141.01 Principal permitted uses.
1141.02 Conditional uses.
1141.03 Accessory uses.
1141.04 Required conditions.
1141.05 Prohibited uses.
1141.06 Height regulations.
1141.07 Lot area, frontage and yard regulations.


Height of building defined - see P. & Z. 1101.04(18)
Lot defined - see P. & Z. 1101.04(48) et seq.
Use defined - see P. & Z. 1101.04(87)
Yard defined - see P. & Z. 1101.04(89) et seq.
Established - see P. & Z. 1105.01
B-3 General Business District - see P. & Z. Ch. 1137

Permitted uses include any use permitted and as regulated in the B-3 District, except as hereinafter modified:

(a) Except for uses and processes prohibited in Section 1141.05, the manufacturing, compounding, processing, packaging and assembling of products contained in the following list, are permitted:

(1) Bakery goods, candy, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, toiletries and food products, except fish or meat products, sauerkraut, vinegar, yeast and the rendering or refining of fat or oils;

(2) Products from the following previously prepared materials: bone, canvas, cellophane, cloth, cork, feathers, fibre, fur, glass, hair, horn, leather, paper, plastics, precious or semi-precious metals or stones, sheet metal (except where presses over twenty tons rated capacity are employed), shell, textiles, tobacco, wax, wood (except where saw and planing mills are employed) and yarns;

(3) Pottery and figurines, using previously pulverized clay, and kilns fired only with gas or electricity;

(4) Musical instruments, toys, novelties, rubber or metal stamps and other small rubber products;

(5) Electrical appliances, instruments and devices, television sets, radios, phonographs; and

(6) Electric and neon signs, billboards and other commercial advertising structures; light sheet metal products including heating and ventilating equipment, cornices, eaves and the like.

(b) Experimental, film or testing laboratories are permitted, provided no operation is conducted or equipment used which creates hazards, noxious or offensive conditions.

(c) The following uses are permitted provided no part of a building occupied by such uses has any opening other than stationary windows or required fire exits, within 100 feet of any R-District.

(1) Blacksmith, welding or other metal working shops, excluding punch presses over twenty tons rated capacity, drop hammers and other noise-producing, machine-operated tools; machine shops and cooperage works;

(2) Brick, pottery, tile and terra cotta manufacturing;

(3) Foundries casting lightweight nonferrous metals, or electric foundries not causing noxious fumes or odors;

(4) Bag, carpet and rag cleaning, provided necessary equipment is installed and operated for the effective precipitation or recovery of dust; and

(5) Ice manufacturing and cold storage plants.

(d) The following uses are permitted, when located not less than 200 feet from any R-District:

(1) Inflammable liquids, underground storage only, not to exceed 25,000 gallons;

(2) Building materials sales yards, including concrete mixing, lumber yards including millwork, open yards for storage and sale of feed or fuel; and

(3) Junk or wrecking yards enclosed by a solid board fence not less than six feet high.

(e) Any other use that is determined by the Board of Zoning Appeals to be of the same general character as the above permitted uses is permitted, but this does not include any use which is prohibited in the M-District in Section 1141.05.
(Ord. 196. Passed 11-21-63.)

The following uses are hereby authorized only if expressly approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals as provided in Chapter 1193:

(a) Any use subject to review in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 1165; and

(b) Any other industrial use not expressly authorized or governed by applicable provisions of this Zoning Code.
(Ord. 196. Passed 11-21-63.)

Accessory uses and structures permitted and as regulated in the B-3 District, except as hereinafter modified, and such other uses and structures customarily accessory and incidental to any of the foregoing principal permitted uses, except for uses prohibited in an M-District, may be established or maintained.
(Ord. 196. Passed 11-21-63.)


(a) All businesses, services or processing shall be conducted wholly within completely enclosed buildings, except for the sale of automobile fuel, lubricants and fluids at service stations, loading and unloading operations, parking, the outdoor display or storage of vehicles, materials and equipment and the uses specified in Section 1141.01(d).

(b) No building customarily used for night operation, such as a bakery or milk bottling and distribution station, shall have any opening, other than stationary windows or required fire exists, within 100 feet of any R-District, and any space used for loading or unloading commercial vehicles in connection with such an operation shall not be within 100 feet of any R-District.
(Ord. 196. Passed 11-21-63.)


(a) No use shall be permitted or authorized to be established or maintained, which, when conducted under adequate conditions and safeguards, in compliance with the provisions of this Zoning Code and any additional conditions or requirements prescribed by the Board of Zoning Appeals, is or may become hazardous, noxious or offensive due to emission of odor, dust, smoke, cinders, gas fumes, noise vibration, beat frequency, refuse matter or water-carried waste.

(b) No dwellings or residences of any kind shall be permitted, including motels and trailers, parks, schools, hospitals, clinics and other institutions for human care, except where incidental to a permitted principal use. However, any of the aforesaid uses legally existing in the M-District at the time of adoption of this Zoning Code or any amendment thereto, shall not be classified as a nonconforming use as defined in Section 1101.04(63) and subject to the provisions of Chapter 1113.
(Ord. 196. Passed 11-21-63.)

Within 100 feet of any R-District, no structure shall exceed three stories or fifty feet in height, the distance measured to the center line of any street, except as provided in Chapter 1177.
(Ord. 196. Passed 11-21-63.)


The following minimum requirements shall be observed, except as modified by Chapter 1181:

                                Lot         Front Yard                              Rear Yard
                   Lot Areas    Frontage    Depth             Side Yard Width       Depth 

Nonresidential     None         None        20 ft.            None except when      1 story
                                                              adjoining R-          30 ft.
                                                              District, then        2 stories
                                                              not less than 25      40 ft.
                                                              ft. each              3 stories
                                                                                    50 ft.
                                                                                    Five feet
                                                                                    more for
                                                                                    each addi-
Dwellings or                     Not permitted in M-District
residential parts
of nonresidential

Existing dwellings               Same as R-2

(Ord. 196. Passed 11-21-63.)

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