R-1 One-Family Residence District

1117.01 Principal permitted uses.
1117.02 Conditional uses.
1117.03 Accessory uses.
1117.04 Height regulations.
1117.05 Lot area, frontage and yard regulations.


Height of building defined - see P. & Z. 1101.04(18)
Lot defined - see P. & Z. 1101.04(48) et seq.
Use defined - see P. & Z. 1101.04(87)
Yard defined - see P. & Z. 1101.04(89) et seq.
District established - see P. & Z. 1105.01
R-2 Residence District - see P. & Z. Ch. 1121
R-3 Residence District - see P. & Z. Ch. 1125
Extraction of minerals - see P. & Z. Ch. 1169

No building, structure or land shall be used and no building or structure shall be erected, altered or enlarged which is arranged, intended or designed for other than one of the following uses, except as provided in Chapter 1113.

(a) Residential. One-family detached dwellings.

(b) Institutional and Cultural. Churches and other places of worship and Sunday school buildings located not less than twenty feet from any other lot in any R-District; schools and colleges for academic instruction, located not less than forty feet from any other lot in any R-District; public libraries, public museums, public art galleries and similar public cultural uses, located not less than twenty feet from any other lot in any R-District; and cemeteries.

(c) Recreational. Public parks, playgrounds, recreational and community center buildings and grounds; golf courses, country clubs, tennis courts and similar recreational uses, all of a noncommercial nature; provided that any principal building used therefor shall be located not less than forty feet from any other lot in any R-District.

(d) Agricultural. Nurseries, greenhouses and general farming, not including commercial animal farms or kennels, provided any lot or tract in such use is not less than five acres in area, and that any greenhouse heating plant or any building is not less than 200 feet from every lot line.

(e) Essential Services. As defined in Sections 1101.04(34) and 1109.16.
(Ord. 196. Passed 11-21-63.)

The following uses shall be permitted only if expressly authorized by the Board of Zoning Appeals in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 1193:

(a) Recreational. Private noncommercial recreation areas and facilities not listed in Section 1117.01(c), including club swimming pools, provided that no such swimming pool shall be located nearer than 100 feet from any other lot in any R-District.

(b) Utility Stations. Static transformer stations, booster stations, and other utility stations, when operating requirements necessitate locating in an R-1 District in order to serve the neighborhood, provided there is no yard or garage for service or storage, and, provided that the premises upon which such utility station is erected and maintained shall be appropriately landscaped and screened so as to be in harmony with the general appearance of the neighborhood.

(c) Institutional. Any hospital for human care, sanatoriums, religious and charitable institutions, provided that buildings which are used for the treatment of contagious diseases, the care of epileptics, drug addicts, the feebleminded or insane, shall be at least 100 feet from any lot in any R-District.

(d) Extraction of Minerals, Etc. Extraction of minerals, stripping of soil, sand and gravel pits, not including any processing, provided that any power-driven or power-producing machinery or equipment shall not be housed or operated less than 1,000 feet from any other lot in any R-District and subject to the provisions of Chapter 1169.
(Ord. 196. Passed 11-21-63.)

Accessory uses, buildings or other structures customarily incidental to any aforesaid permitted or conditionally permitted uses may be established, erected or constructed, provided that such accessory uses shall not involve the conduct of any business, trade or industry, or any private way or walk giving access to such activity, or any billboard, sign or poster other than hereinafter authorized, and not including the boarding of animals or the keeping of fowl or farm animals except in a building at least 100 feet distant from every lot line. Accessory uses may include the following:

(a) Gardening, Farm Animals, Etc. Gardening, the raising of vegetables or fruits and the keeping of domestic or farm animals exclusively for the use of residents of the premises and not for commercial purposes, provided that any heating plant and any structures in which farm animals are kept shall be located at least 100 feet from every lot line.

(b) Summer Houses and Servants' Quarters. Summer houses and living quarters of persons employed on the premises, without kitchen facilities and not rented or otherwise used as separate dwellings.

(c) Parking Facilities. Garages, carports or other parking spaces for the exclusive use of residents of the premises.

(d) Swimming Pools. Swimming pools exclusively for the use of the residents, provided that they shall not be located less than ten feet from any property line of the property on which located.

(e) Real Estate and Professional Signs. Real estate, small announcement and professional signs subject to the provisions of Chapter 1153.

(f) Professional Offices. The office or studio in the residence of a physician, dentist, music teacher, artist, lawyer, insurance broker, real estate broker, accountant, engineer, teacher, architect, scientist or other member of a recognized profession; provided that not more than one-half of the floor area of the dwelling is devoted to such accessory use, that not more than one person who is not a resident on the premises is employed, that no such use shall require exterior structural alterations or involve construction features not customary in dwellings, and that the entrance to such office or studio shall be from within the dwelling. An unlighted name plate only, of not over one square foot in area attached flat against the building, shall be permitted. Beauty parlors, barber shops, schools of any kind with organized classes or any other similar uses are not permitted.

(g) Home Occupations. Customary home occupations such as handicraft, dressmaking, millinery, laundry, preserving and home cooking, provided that such occupation shall be conducted exclusively by resident occupants, and provided further, that not more than one-fourth of the floor area of the residence shall be used for such purpose, that no exterior structural alterations and other constructions involving features not customarily found in dwellings are required, and that the entrance to the space devoted to such use shall be from within the dwelling. An unlighted sign only, of not over one square foot in area and attached flat against the building, shall be permitted.

(h) Roomers. The keeping of not more than three roomers or boarders by a resident family.
(Ord. 196. Passed 11-21-63.)

No principal structure shall exceed two and one-half stories or thirty-five feet in height, and no detached accessory structure shall exceed one story or fifteen feet in height, except as provided in Chapter 1177.
(Ord. 196. Passed 11-21-63.)


The following minimum requirements shall be observed, except as otherwise provided in this Zoning Code:

                                                        Front      Side Yards         Rear
                               Lot Area     Lot         Yard      Least    Sum of     Yard
Dwellings                     (sq. ft.)     Frontage    Depth     Width    Widths     Depth
1 and 1-1/2 stories           7,500         60 ft.      20 ft.    8 ft.    18 ft.     35 ft.
2 and 2-1/2 stories           7,500         60          20        10       20         35
Hospitals                     Two acres     200         20        12       30         40
Hospitals for                 Five acres
contagious diseases,
epileptics, drug
addicts, insane, etc.
Other permitted uses
(except agricultural)
1 and 1-1/2 stories           16,000        100         25        12       24         40
2 and 2-1/2 stories           16,000        100         25        14       30         40

(Ord 196. Passed 11-21-63.)

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